Universal Language

The universe will always give you signs on the choices in front of you. Ask the question and open your eyes to all around you. Let your will be guided by fate and purpose. Listen to your heart as the way becomes clear and find a new resolve for change.

My Life


Even when the trees are lush, their will be adversity. In the storm, you will have no choice, but to get wet. In a desert, you will be uncomfortably hot. No matter the terrain, YOU are the only constant so remain constantly consistent.


Locked Away

In the silence of the night, my mind speaks to me. I can hear the voices of my past reminding me of times my heart was left unchecked. Now my heart checks on my mind. Making sure the whispers stay exactly where they belong; in the past. Trapped behind the doors of my memory.


Out(Her) Space

Stumbling upon you was never in my plan. Yet, somehow, I’ve fallen into your universe. Lost in the ocean of stars you call eyes. Marveling in your presence like a nebula except you pull me in with your own gravity. Who knew falling through the cosmos could be such a pleasant place to be.