Self Update is ready for Download

You look around you now and see that things are cloudy. Attitudes are high. Dangers lurk in broad daylight. The world has become a harbor of desperation and wrong doings. Our impatience and disobedience leads to more sickness. Social media makes it look like we’re in control, but it’s still media driven used to spreadContinue reading “Self Update is ready for Download”

Making you come True

It took a long time, but I quit pretending things were ok. Propping myself up, despite the trama. Letting people create the image of me they wanted to see. The one they wanted to be with or a thing for which to play with. It took a long time, but I’m myself now. Venturing intoContinue reading “Making you come True”


Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Today we’re going to touch on something we all have, but need more of. Something that will get us anywhere we want to go. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about FOCUS. With more focus, you’ll be able achieve things beyond your imagination. We have to learn to channelContinue reading “WHAT WE ALL NEED”