Like a Boss Because You Are

Give yourself the green light to celebrate March! We’re keeping the green dream going from my intro post which is here for a recap.

It’s 2021. This is the year for you to put that business idea you had to work. It’s not as scary or as hard as you think. The only thing holding you back from all the freedoms you can have is yourself.

So come up with a plan of attack. Get that LLC started. Get the word out and start making money for yourself. Keep good records for tax purposes and if you’re not sure how to go about all this, YouTube and Google are powerful resources. Use it for more than cat videos and looking up strange tv show facts like if Nicholas Cage was almost casted to be Superman (he was by the way. True story).

Make your own green. I support you in all you do with all positive vibes. Let nothing hold you back!

It’s winter now, but you can still make some green! 🤑

Money Trees aren’t cheap

This week, it’s all about the Benjamin’s (or whatever slang you use for money depending on what country you’re in). I’m going to make this Flash fast!

The name of the game is make money, direct it accordingly, and it’ll make more money. You should download a app like Robin Hood to start investing now from your phone with ease.

Couple tips about the stock before you start investing heavy into nothing you know anything about.

  1. Research the stock you choose to invest in. Make sure it has a decent chance to grow.
  2. Accept the fact that it can be volatile and fluctuates often. Keep a steady eye on your investments.
  3. Invest a bunch in DOGE. It’s a slow hustle, but you’ll thank me later.
  4. Don’t be scared to diversify your investment strategy. For example, you may want to put into energy and marijuana. Do your research and go for it!

The point of this is to show you that their are more ways to make money than the traditional way. Think outside the box, be consistent, and build your own bridge to financial freedom.

I want you to be free in every sense of the word. Think outside the box!

Blue + Yellow

Happy March 1st! It’s the start of a new month with plenty of opportunity this month to accept the challenges of life. That means we’ll either fuck it up or get it right. Just know that it’s progress and growth nonetheless!

This week we’re going to touch on (seeing how March brings the green out) money and how to make it unconventionally. I’ll do a quick rundown on the subject matters on the day to day.

  • Planting money seeds in stocks to grow money trees
  • Entrepreneurship your way out of the herd
  • Lifestyle changes that help cut costs
  • Fearlessly pursue your happy

I’m not saying I’m a money expert, but I’m excited about sharing what I’ve learned in the most relatable way possible. Join in on the fun!

Happy to be back and doing what I love! Don’t forget to get UNIVERSING!

Eight Zero Zero ✨

I’ve finally reached 800 followers, folks! This calls for a celebration and a rushed speech of sorts.

I like to thank all of you from the depths of my heart for being a part of this wacky little blog of mine. Without you all, I would have never developed my own style and writing voice. I’m always so humbled to have you here with me. Bot or not!

Now with that being said, I’m going to continue to bring you my “A game” with high quality content, inspiration, and knowledge.

Thanks so much everyone and may the Universe work in your favor.

Don’t forget to pickup my novel UNIVERSING on your way out of my blog space!

Expressions and Expectations

This week, I’ve decided to pour my heart and soul into this passion of mine. Getting words on the page is one of life’s greatest pleasures for me and I’ve been robbing myself of that feeling.

This is the part where you say “Shame on you, Trey, for starving your imagination all while cracking under the pressure of everyday living. SHAAAAAME!”.

So here’s what’s coming down the pipeline in the next few weeks.

  • Life advice from my personal experiences.
  • “Tale of the day” section being added to the blog.
  • Possible rebranding of the blog to match said changes.
  • My self publishing journey to help others do the same.
  • New, exciting ways to rock out with all of you through engagement. (Say “I do” without all the pesky wedding planning).
  • And much more as my thoughts evolve!

The goal is to have fun with the process of becoming what we are meant to be by accepting our passion. Hopefully, I can inspire others to grow in that direction to help spread purpose and happiness.

Now enjoy this unrelated photo of my dog and have a great weekend!


Hey everyone! Got something I’m excited to introduce to some and reintroduce to many.

My debut novel UNIVERSING is available on Amazon with a new, low pricing. You can click here to get to it and check it out for yourselves!

Here’s a quick, (QUICK)! rundown of the book.

A black man is forced into redemption by the cosmos. He has to unlock his past, confront the present, and possibly change the future for all mankind in three days.

It’s a modern day Action/Adventure tale with a metaphysical twist.

Below is the paperback version of the book (murky lake and cool stones not included).


Support a fellow blogger. Make my life long publishing dreams a reality and get your copy today!

Fight For Yourself

I employ you to be yourself.

Do things for your own happiness and achieve what you are here to do. Be willing to apply your energy towards figuring out whatever it is you need to figure out to make your dreams come to life. Failure only happens if you give up on what you want. All days won’t be sunny. The conditions to get the work done will not always be in your favor, but you must persist.

Welcome to all my new followers. I promise to keep it interesting, post for post. Share your dreams/goals in the comments and let’s achieve it together 🙏🏾

I seeee YOU 👁

My Heart’s Desire

Sometimes, I get caught up with the noise of life and lose my way, but I always come back to this. To my one true love and passion which is writing.

So I’ll be posting again and determined to keep at it as I begin my next novel. I want to say thanks to all the new people that follow me and thanks to all the ones that have been here since the start! I appreciate you all and you motivate me to keep doing what I love. Have a great say everyone! ❤️

We appreciate your support!

No place like home

I went to Iraq twice, years ago. Both times left me changed, altered, and matured. War makes you learn the significance of peace.

Their would be times I would find myself staring off into space. Thinking about what home was like and how much I’ll appreciate it when I return. A touch of homesick to mix in with the unpredictability of the long days.

Now it’s present day and I still stare off into nothingness. Somehow, I still imagine a place to go to. A place where common courtesy lives and people actually care for one another.

I find myself still homesick, yet there is no actual home to report to. What should I do from here?

Peace time, huh? Let me know how that works out for you…

For This

This art of mine still makes its way out on the page. The older I get, the more things get in the way. To block it completely is to taint my entire purpose on earth. No one wants to be tainted. Nor does the world. So I fight for which that the Earth needs. Reaching for a moment of time constructed in my heart, made solely for this reality. My gift to world immortalized in eyes of humanity.

I ask for this. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I am the light