Happy Halloween!

I’ll be brief and won’t take up too much of your party time or trick or treating (wear a mask under your mask to prevent Covid please).

Here are some Halloween Vibes from me to you below.

Fun never ends!
Oooo spooky
2 Avengers Assemble!

And that’s it! I’ll be spending the rest of my night with the kiddos and Nano prepping. What’s Nano you say? I’ll leave you with a hint and save the rest for next post (I think most of us here know exactly what it is, but for those who don’t, prepare to learn). The hint is that it starts Nov 1.

Happy Halloween, folks and stay safe!

Growing Into Penmanship

Surprise! Another post!

Once upon a time, their was a little me in the 3rd grade that couldn’t draw, but he enjoyed a good story. So he started writing his own…kinda..

I started writing one page stories that were extensions of the video games I played. I started with ToeJam and Earl (kudos if you know them).

Fast forward years later and the Nintendo 64 arrived and I had a new story to add on to. The picture below is all I preserved from my childhood writing days. I don’t own the rights to the characters, but that didn’t stop me! No way Nintendo was fast enough to catch me!

Homemade title page and all!

Fast forward a “few years” later and I got my first book published. I never gave up on the dream and I encourage you all to do the same.

Decades later and I’m a published author with whiskey and everything! Get it here.

Amazon is trying to kick me out! Help!

Didn’t make an intro for this week’s posts topic so I’m winging it until I get 5 done.

We’ll start again Monday with a hot topic.

For now, I got some goodies for you guys. First up, I got a email from Amazon saying I need to use my affiliates or lose them so I would like to use them, but I need your help, pumpkineers.

I’m going to leave some links below that I get a few pennies from if you use it. The links are amazon products I use or wear, but you don’t have to necessarily buy these items for this to work.

Simply use the link to access Amazon and you’ll be supporting this awesome blogger whom you love so much with whatever you purchase. Here are the links below.

  1. Minimalism Art, Classic Notebook Journal. My to-do list is in here. They’re awesome and pick any color and save the environment.
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  4. Hamoery Natural Tiger Eye Stone Bead Bracelets For Men (Set1). This is the cool tigereye bracelet you see me wearing on most of my photos. They’re great for fashion and empowerment of yourself.
  5. Casio G-Shock Quartz Watch with Resin Strap, Green, 55 (Model: GD400-9CR). The big, tough looking watch I also sport in my photos. Comes in other colors too!
  6. Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Earbud. I wear these bad boys on a day to day. They’re great and come with several inserts to fit.
  7. Last, but not least. You can buy my book, UNIVERSING and read an awesome story and support the impeccable author that wrote it. Haha!

Thanks for reading. Thanks for sticking by me. And thanks for your incredible support. I love you all and I’ll see you next post!

Here’s me and some pumpkins! I’m a pumpkineer, too! It’s like buccaneer, but with pumpkins…Forget it.

I’m late because my fish.. drowned?

One hell of a week just passed, ladies and gentlemen! I got plenty of content to give you, but let’s get you up to speed first.

I know I promised a post everyday and I haven’t delivered. Forgive me. For that, I will work through the weekend to provide extra content of all the joys (mostly sorrows) of my life. Oh. And I don’t have a fish if you were wondering.

This will contain snippets of my reality (“the man behind the pen” I like to call it) and how imperfect I truly am, which isn’t a surprise to many, but I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Might even learn something.


This is how I felt for the last week in song format courtesy of Unlike Pluto. Please listen and read the pinned comment.

The lesson is to not avoid it; feel it, get through it (cry and hold yourself), and do whatever the hell it is you’re meant to do. That’s why I’m writing to you beautiful people today!

More to follow!

Please forgive my tardiness.

Next Gen Dads

The final post of the week. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here’s the start point for you newbies.

Let’s get real about fatherhood, bros (and women that are here. I thank you!). This shit is hard. Some dad’s can’t take the pressure and don’t want anything to do with the upbringing of their offspring for several reasons. It’s not right and not fair to the child.

I know it feels easy to just walk away, especially if you don’t have a connection with them or the mother is making your life a living hell, responding out of a place that doesn’t put the child first. We have to fight through this and endure for them. I started with this and I’m ending with this: THE CHILD DID NOT ASK TO BE HERE. You and the mother “facilitated” that yourselves.

I know for many of us, our fathers weren’t there. It’s up to us to break that trend. Every generation has to be better than the next. Set the stage for generations to come so that this fatherlessness will not be a battle for them to face. They’ll be able to replace that fight with something better. Curing pandemics, ending wars, building Gundams and such.

Show them to pursue their dreams because you have. Live in positivity. Show them love. Be strong. Be awesomeness! Be Papa.Dada. Daddy. Dad.

Give them a fighting chance to achieve more. Make the future bright for them.

Not easy being a Role Model

The end of this week is nigh and so is the topic for the week. Start here and catch up.

Let’s take a swing at this thing.

We all had role models growing up and our children will be no different. The difference is that times have changed, ladies and gentlemen. As fathers, we have to be present and set the example for who we want our sons to be and our daughters to date (I know thinking about her dating made you cringe).

I have learned quite a bit about several things while my boys are young so I won’t be prone to make the mistakes later when they become more impressionable. Here are a few quick tricks and tips to apply.

  • Monitor what they are watching.
  • Put down the phone and pick up a book.
  • Set the bar high by being a better you.

Their are influences around them daily. You have to let their little minds explore and see things, but be there to let them know what is good and what is bad. What’s acceptable and what they should avoid. They may be crazy about Batman now, but you’ll be a hero to them for years to come.

My sons and their Grandad. He was a pillar for my growth and also for them as time sees fit.

They Are Number 1

Two post for the price of one today because I owe you. Father of all topics start here (pun intended).

Let’s get on with it.

The number 1 rule to keep in your mind at all times is that your sons and daughters come first. They didn’t ask to be in this crude, twisted, yet sometimes livable world of ours when you gave them life. Once born, they are defenseless and while mothers are as strong as they come, fathers are vital, too.

Learning to sacrifice important things throughout the infancy prepares you for the long road of fatherhood. One example of this is sacrificing sleep the first few months to make sure they feel love and protected.

Moments like those set the stage moving forward in their lives and in ours.

Being able to be selfless and create an unconditional love from birth is the best thing for a dad to do.

Most mothers develop this throughout the pregnancy. It’s up to us as fathers to create that bond ourselves. Once the bond is established, making them the priority becomes natural. Thanks for reading.

Create the bond and your actions for them become natural afterwards.

Nurturing: Dada Style

Topic of the week starts here and without further delay, let’s get into it.

It takes a village to raise a child, but most times, you only have a household which consist of two different adults to contribute to the upbringing of a child. In my case, I’m co parenting so that means it’s just me raising two toddler boys in my home (Send help. S.O.S. Page 911).

This means I have to learn to be more than a provider. It’s been a bumpy road, but I’m here to share what I learned to help the rest of you Daddy-Os out that may be facing a similar situation.

  1. Patience is everything. You have to remember that while they are human, they were just born (almost yesterday) and they need you to teach them EVERYTHING. Breathe before reacting to any accidental spills and don’t fault them for not knowing pennies are not edible.
  2. Adopting a softer side is necessary. You can’t tell them to go get hugs from their mom when she lives elsewhere. They need that loving touch when they ask for it and even sometimes when they don’t ask. Reminding yourself to lovingly touch them throughout the day is idea.
  3. Discipline them like children and not like soldiers. While I think of my boys as my little soldiers, they are just toddlers curious to all things. Even to how we,as parents, react to them when they stand up to us. Be stern and consistent, but always let go of your anger and discipline from a place of love.
  4. Make sure they eat the proper foods. I’ve learned they are not yet ready for dads eccentric meals so I have to keep it simple for them. They can be picky, but I hated staring at that unforgiving pile of black eye peas and being forced to eat them.
  5. Google is your friend. Any questions on how to deal with any life situations can be easily found on the web. Use it to your advantage when challenged with any kind of new infancy/toddler behavior.

Ultimately, our generation is forming a new wave of parenting. It’s important to pay close attention to what we do as papas and to ensure they are getting the best of both worlds from us regardless of what mom is doing in or out of the same household or not.

Nurturing isn’t as natural to men, but as long as we try. That’s what’s important.

The Millennial Dad

Better late than never. Let’s get to it.

Let me just say; being a mom is difficult from what I can tell. Especially depending on your situation. Some moms are left to do it all themselves and raising a child is one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever face in life. I’m thankful to all of you that stick to your responsibilities as a mother. Keep doing what you’re doing and may abundance of all you desire come to you aplenty.

This week though, we’re going to focus on the single dads. I, myself, am one of them. I’m one of those…don’t want to miss a moment, hands on, let me show you how to box (err..wrap a box I mean), kinda of dad.

Here’s where the dilemma lies, folks. My dad was the traditional father that worked constantly/provided and left all the raising to my mother. I turned out nicely, but being a single father means I have to fill both shoes.

So the talking points are as follows:

  • Nurturing and discipline the dad way
  • Making your offspring your #1 concern
  • Positive role model reenforcement
  • The truth about fatherhood. Real talk.

This is one topic you won’t want to miss! I’ll see you tomorrow with the first discussion.

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Letting Go of Contempt

You’ll get two post for the price of one today! My Friday sucked so I’m behind.

Let’s close last week topic out with this post. Check out the beginning of it here.

It’s so easy to give into the mild habits and mediocracy of the day to day. The feeling of compliancy taking over what’s left of what you imagine your future could be. It’s something we all deal with. Sad to say, most people don’t realize what they’re doing and go on to live their lives in contempt because our parents/authority figures did just that.

Snap out of it! You are not your parents!

You are yourself. A whole other human full of dreams, aspirations, endless potential and spirit. Times have changed since we were kids. While I’m not knocking the generations before us and how they got things done, we have so many more opportunities to think outside the norm for what we want for ourselves.

We have to capitalize on the internet and technology age we’re living in.

Shake off the influence of normality we were brought up under. Dig through the depths of your mind and retrieve your imagination again to create the life you want to live by seeing it first. If you’re unhappy with your situation, know that you are more than capable of changing it.

We all have hard times and are stressed beyond what we think we can handle. Truth is that nothing worth having is easy. So while we may seem to be under pressure most our lives, it’s what it takes to know what happiness is and how to obtain to it.

The key is to never quit seeking out your happy place.