The new year has started and its already getting crazy. Recent events that are charged by anger and chaos take the main stage while your own surroundings give you plenty of reasons to remain distracted.

TikToks and Facebook posts that keep you engaged, leaving the real purpose of the present held hostage. Covid still running amuck along with the “Will you take the vaccine or not?”.

And then there is You, stuck in the shadow of 2020. Revering what may happen in these upcoming months of 2021.

My advice to you is stay the course, ladies and gentlemen. Remember you’re more than a “Like” or comment. You have a purpose and set goals for yourself. Climb to new heights this year regardless of all of said distractions.

I believe in you and so should you! Vibes!

Reading Obama’s book, The Promised Land to learn how to overcome all the odds.

To My Suns

If you decide to go to college, it will increase your knowledge. Becoming smarter than most in range during discussions. Obtaining degrees is said to keep your career in motion. The level of truth to this seems elusive. Let your growth determine if that’s conclusive.

If you decide to become a soldier, you live life much bolder. You will sharpen your wits with common sense. Risking your purity on the battlefield; if you lived, you killed. This is the life I chose for my own foundation. To stand among the few that hold the line for the nation.

No matter the path you choose. I love you.

2 suns and 1 big heart ❤️

No Contest

And when you see me now, know that I’m thinking ahead. You live in the right now so what you see of me is after imagery. Reading, studying, and mastering the realm. I will my own future, circumstances be damned. I’m not arrogant, I just weather the storms. With God’s will and my works, I get pass the scorn.

All black, but my future isn’t dark

No Grande

The feeling you give me is enhancing. Can’t stop watching you in the mirror, dancing. I knew when our smiles met, this would start advancing. Now we’re partners in crime against it all. Knowing this is crazy, but we’re having a ball. I never had someone that I can trust. Someone that is only mine is a must. You have exceeded the point of no return. Together, we can let go of any other concern.


Talent On Display

Good afternoon, good people. New week. New post!

Its the week before Christmas and seeing how I already touched on the holiday stuff, I’m going to get ahead of the game by shifting gears.


This week I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a few months which is poetry. I’ve always love a good haiku or two and I think its time I get back to my roots. I’m not sure what the rest of the week will look like, but I’ll definitely be posting something about love tomorrow.

So stop by to get away from the Christmas buzz this week and enjoy this poetry breakaway from reality. A short period to forget about time and space. Some metaphysical food for your soul to power your mind for the better. 

See what I did there? I made myself the Thanos of the blogosphere. Ha! Stick around people. Thanks for your support and happy days to you all.

When the child you are babysitting throws the dog poop back at the neighbor that let the dog shit in the yard using the force.


No time to waste so here we go.

Time to end this topic and start a new. Christmas Goings week started here and ends HERE.

We can get lost in all the shopping and holiday cheer and forget the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of Jesus. I’ll keep my beliefs to myself for now, but I do have faith in God. Without boring you all or sounding to demanding, I’ll leave you all with this request:

Remember the reasons for this holiday and keep your loved ones close. This year has showed us all how the unexpected can happen and change lives. Take nothing for granted.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned and get ready for this week’s new topic

Do You Remember the Time?

Alpha of this post is here! You can find Omega in the next post. No time to waste so here we go!

The memories I have of Christmas are blissful. Not my teen years, but those weird years when you still believed in Santa even though he isn’t real. I think Hollywood had a lot to do with that illusion and nonetheless, I loved it.

I was so absorbed in the magic of the holiday that I never realize the struggles my family went through during those times.

We weren’t the richest family in the hood. My dad was making 500 a week salary working his ass off in an auto body shop that was underpaying him for sure while my mother worked a job that gave her enough money to buy a week’s worth of groceries for two weeks worth of work. I never missed a meal and somehow I still got what I wanted every Christmas.

That was the real Christmas magic. The fact that my parents paid a mortgage, bills, kept food on the table, and still delivered every single Christmas is something I admire now, but didn’t comprehend until recent years.

Now that I have children of my own; like a light has been turned on, I can see it.

So for the holidays, remember to thank those that made it possible for you to have a real Christmas like the ones we grew up watching on television.

The reality of it all is that the Christmas magic is in our Actions!

Sleeping on Xmas Day

I’m behind the curve, but I love what I do so I’ll take this free time to finish out this week as promised. It starts with this post.

Got no time to waste! Right into we go!

The concept of Christmas and such holidays are very one dimensional, I think. If you look pass the glam and decor of it, you’ll see that it’s bound to us by tradition, mostly.

Embedded in that tradition is the secret agenda of making money. Each holiday is geared around spending more money than normal to line the pockets of corporate.

While I like to think I’m woke, I’m still a slave to the old. Knowing I should teach my kids the story of the Bible and put a Christmas tree up when it’s not practical to do so when logic comes into play. Breaking those habits and forming my own tradition about God will be a difficult task.

How do you feel about it though? Will you spend the rest of your days locked into empty traditions of spending and consuming?

Or will we ride above it and start anew?

Retail Story

Take a sip of spiked or unspiked eggnog and let’s get this post started.

Since the start of November, sales have started all around us. Every retail outlet has targeted every demographic in the direct attempt to get us to buy.

And like a moth to the flame, we come pouring out our homes of quarantine to do just that. Somehow we neglect our fundamentals of spending and give into it.

We have the ability to resist though. While spending is the traditional holiday way, it doesn’t have to be. You can unfuck your savings accounts by remembering:

  • What we are truly celebrating and if you’re not religious, use the thought of family togetherness as the foundation.
  • Break the tradition and create your own. Give thanks to whom you need to.
  • Sales can be hypnotizing. Snap out of it and stick to budget.

So spend if you must, but be wise about it. The holiday only last a day while your credit report is forever.

And I leave you with the house of Christmas Spirit! They do this every year! Enjoy!