And then their was Life

We all move through our lives, trying to figure out the right answers to the choices we make. I don’t think their are wrong are right answers to life. We are simply guiding ourselves through the cosmos and dealing with the problems and pains of the path we take. Healing from the ones we lost.Continue reading “And then their was Life”

Complexity Below

Underneath the surface, there are different currents and temperatures throughout. Multiple things traverse without being notice. Some of which, surface for air. Others can never show themselves in such a way. Not to mention the depth of it. So deep and dark that nothing can withstand the pressure of all that is above it. We’reContinue reading “Complexity Below”

Out of The Shade

You’ve deny me much. I’ve been in your shadow long enough. This is not where I belong. The strength inside can no longer hold off it’s true intentions. Devasting maneuvers must be made to knock down this wall. To destroy what I almost became. I will be free. No longer a prisoner of self doubtContinue reading “Out of The Shade”

Enchanting Moments Matter Always

Touch me where it counts. Allow me to feel the twinkle of stars through your fingertips. Show me the freedom of free falling when our lips meet. Leave me in a daze in a crowded room. Thoughts of being in your ocean can do just that. Yet, somehow, I don’t mind being lost at sea.Continue reading “Enchanting Moments Matter Always”