Life of the Party

What I gotta do? I mean what must I be? I see the illusions to the right and the left of me. Behind is a past I can no longer call my history. Once you know time is simultaneously happening, you can’t unsee the path of your destiny.

What do you feel? I mean how do you do it? You work with the rest and never feel congruent. A living nightmare powered by stress and liquor fluids. Leave your eye blind, missing the truth, just wandering stupid.

This is what I think. I mean take from it what you will. The God in us is just that; the power of Will. With it you can switch and change your very reality. A piece of the Most High, most definitely.

What do I know? I mean what is the truth, exactly? I share the knowledge that comes to me, full heartedly. Take it, run with it, and see where it leads, or just ignore it and continue to be the life of the party.

If you got it, go with it. Feel it. Never be anything other than it.

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