Fight For Yourself

I employ you to be yourself. Do things for your own happiness and achieve what you are here to do. Be willing to apply your energy towards figuring out whatever it is you need to figure out to make your dreams come to life. Failure only happens if you give up on what you want.Continue reading “Fight For Yourself”

Christmas Goings

Tis the season to write and celebrate life! Let’s get right to it. Holiday time is among us. We’re almost out of 2020, but we have to survive Christmas. While the heart of this holiday is suppose to be in celebration of Jesus, we have somehow managed to get further away from that as aContinue reading “Christmas Goings”

Enchanting Moments Matter Always

Touch me where it counts. Allow me to feel the twinkle of stars through your fingertips. Show me the freedom of free falling when our lips meet. Leave me in a daze in a crowded room. Thoughts of being in your ocean can do just that. Yet, somehow, I don’t mind being lost at sea.Continue reading “Enchanting Moments Matter Always”