God in the Start

Create a vibe, living right. By living right I mean it’s my life. Damn it, I finally see the light. Ain’t nothing wrong with how you win the fight. For your mind. Believe me, NO ONE is playing fair. Even some thoughts second guess themselves. That’s why you gotta be careful with your noggin. Eh fool!? Are your staying or riding; Riding the wave and it ain’t in the ocean. A new energy that got me coasting. Through an idea reality that most think is real. Start questioning shit and you’ll feel how I feel. God’s looking down like what in the hell? We toxic. God’s next disciples are coming out boxing. Speaking of God, it’s the only way to end. Bring the alpha to the omega and I leave the rest to my pretty ass audience!

I’m inspired again and I hold no grudges. Shit gets too heavy to carry anyway.


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