Eight Zero Zero ✨

I’ve finally reached 800 followers, folks! This calls for a celebration and a rushed speech of sorts. I like to thank all of you from the depths of my heart for being a part of this wacky little blog of mine. Without you all, I would have never developed my own style and writing voice.Continue reading “Eight Zero Zero ✨”

Expressions and Expectations

This week, I’ve decided to pour my heart and soul into this passion of mine. Getting words on the page is one of life’s greatest pleasures for me and I’ve been robbing myself of that feeling. This is the part where you say “Shame on you, Trey, for starving your imagination all while cracking underContinue reading “Expressions and Expectations”


Hey everyone! Got something I’m excited to introduce to some and reintroduce to many. My debut novel UNIVERSING is available on Amazon with a new, low pricing. You can click here to get to it and check it out for yourselves! Here’s a quick, (QUICK)! rundown of the book. A black man is forced intoContinue reading “COME ONE COME ALL”

Fight For Yourself

I employ you to be yourself. Do things for your own happiness and achieve what you are here to do. Be willing to apply your energy towards figuring out whatever it is you need to figure out to make your dreams come to life. Failure only happens if you give up on what you want.Continue reading “Fight For Yourself”

No place like home

I went to Iraq twice, years ago. Both times left me changed, altered, and matured. War makes you learn the significance of peace. Their would be times I would find myself staring off into space. Thinking about what home was like and how much I’ll appreciate it when I return. A touch of homesick toContinue reading “No place like home”

Magic is Real

The possibilities are always the unknown. Who knew what if’s can be so heavy to carry? Dreams of what awaits can take you high. They tend to realize how close to heaven they are and fly away. Sometimes people build a world for themselves. Sometimes, not so much. Catalyst enters. A chemical reaction occurs. DNAContinue reading “Magic is Real”


The new year has started and its already getting crazy. Recent events that are charged by anger and chaos take the main stage while your own surroundings give you plenty of reasons to remain distracted. TikToks and Facebook posts that keep you engaged, leaving the real purpose of the present held hostage. Covid still runningContinue reading “Indigo”