Hey everyone! Got something I’m excited to introduce to some and reintroduce to many. My debut novel UNIVERSING is available on Amazon with a new, low pricing. You can click here to get to it and check it out for yourselves! Here’s a quick, (QUICK)! rundown of the book. A black man is forced intoContinue reading “COME ONE COME ALL”

Self Update is ready for Download

You look around you now and see that things are cloudy. Attitudes are high. Dangers lurk in broad daylight. The world has become a harbor of desperation and wrong doings. Our impatience and disobedience leads to more sickness. Social media makes it look like we’re in control, but it’s still media driven used to spreadContinue reading “Self Update is ready for Download”

Not an isolated incident anymore

Coming this far, I’ve learned that writing is a very tough profession. You’re isolated and alone during most of the process, but that is the nature of that which I love. I do sometimes envy the creative process of other kinds of talents such as music that let’s others into the process. An example isContinue reading “Not an isolated incident anymore”

The Party’s Over (Part 1)

Lights turn on as the room starts to empty. Last call, an hour ago. Don’t have to go home, but know the rest.And as the venue clears, I can see the mess they left behind. The floors, covered in distrust and self pity. The main bar is coated in droplets of spilled regret. SomeContinue reading “The Party’s Over (Part 1)”


Welcome to the capital of knowledge. Where one can come in to shelter themselves from all the garbage. In this place, books reign supreme. If you have an ultimate imagination, this place is a dream. The words date back to before olden days. Let’s thank all the writers before us with praise. If you’re downContinue reading “THE BOOKS BETWEEN US”