Do You Remember the Time?

Alpha of this post is here! You can find Omega in the next post. No time to waste so here we go! The memories I have of Christmas are blissful. Not my teen years, but those weird years when you still believed in Santa even though he isn’t real. I think Hollywood had a lotContinue reading “Do You Remember the Time?”

Nurturing: Dada Style

Topic of the week starts here and without further delay, let’s get into it. It takes a village to raise a child, but most times, you only have a household which consist of two different adults to contribute to the upbringing of a child. In my case, I’m co parenting so that means it’s justContinue reading “Nurturing: Dada Style”

Patience is a Key

Imagine being born, gifted with natural insight. Coming into the world as the person you are meant to be from the start of it all. We wouldn’t need hindsight and we would probably make all the right decisions our entire life. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you view it), we are not born that way.Continue reading “Patience is a Key”


Hey, everyone! The month is just about over and if you’re anything like me, I’m a little behind. I have plans to catch up this upcoming week. Don’t get discouraged if you’re a little behind. Shit happens, but we must not falter. Use your inner energy. Siege the day, one minute at a time. ForgeContinue reading “THE WORLD IS WAITING”

Brighten Your Day

Rise and shine everyone! I hope your mornings are going great. Here’s a little orignal poem to help everyone get today’s problems and issues out of the way.  To begin again is the new challenge. Conquer all that we can, regardless of our damage. Put your dreams first because that’s our destiny. Surpass expectations, openContinue reading “Brighten Your Day”

Attacking Your Dream In The New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to the future, everyone. Its time to get serious about what we want to achieve in this calendar year. Forget all the things that held us back in the past and re-energize your motivation to overcome the odds. We have to: Become goal driven Wake up excited to move forward UseContinue reading “Attacking Your Dream In The New Year”