Career Emancipation

No time to waste. Let’s get back to it! Nowadays it seems like all we do is the same ole shuffle. Wake up. Work. Sleep and repeat. It’s easy to keep the routine going when the bills need paying. You start to blend in with society and think “This is what life is for us.”Continue reading “Career Emancipation”

Making you come True

It took a long time, but I quit pretending things were ok. Propping myself up, despite the trama. Letting people create the image of me they wanted to see. The one they wanted to be with or a thing for which to play with. It took a long time, but I’m myself now. Venturing intoContinue reading “Making you come True”

Hearts and Minds

Trust the process, fear it not. All things come in time with deep thought. Diving into yourself and finding your fate. Tomorrow comes fast for those who just wait. So take action now before you can second guess. We need radiating hearts to conclude the world’s mess. I lead your mind today with love. LetsContinue reading “Hearts and Minds”