Power Over Lust

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Even when we have the prettiest girl on the block hanging on our arm, something whispers for us to checkout the lady across the street. We try not to feed into it, but the demand happens so fast that it becomes our natural reflex to comply (Don’t try it!)

Or that one hottie on Facebook/Instagram that you friended and she decides to post her morning yoga workout photos and something says you should compliment her, but in her DMs so your gf won’t see (it’s a trap, I tell you!).

Lust. Lust is that nasty little something that nudges you to do these heinous acts.

While it’s typically harmless to look at another attractive woman (or sneak a peek depending on how your woman views this action), this type of behavior has to be controlled. If left unchecked, kemosabes, it can run amuck on your relationship and lead to cheating. Lust is damn near impossible to eradicate, but their is one single measure to take in every situation it arises.

Trick is to acknowledge it’s there, but never act on it outside of your relationship. A wave at the lovely neighbor is plenty. Scroll and glance at the yoga girl post and scroll passed it. Actually, unfriending unknown attractions is the way to go (Believe me)!

Self control is the name of the game. Use it to redirect all of it towards your gf/wife. This is why lust needs to be acknowledged, but not acted on unless with her. We all are sexual creatures. Lust as you will.

Just save it for that special lady of your’s!

Acknowledge, but never Act unless directed at your lady!

Fighting the Libido

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Let’s get right to it.

Men are typically horn dogs. Their is no getting around it. Can you blame us? We’re wired to think about sex all day long. Something in our genetic code created the urge to hunch..I mean hunt for sex partners. Much like the lion that chases the gazelle; it’s embedded in our DNA.

So most men have high sex drives which again is no secret. Another common reason that leads us to cheat.

The trick is driving your sex and not letting it drive you down Cheaters Lane which, from my experience, is a dead end. Sure, you could make a U turn and get back on Faithful Road, but that time you made to make that pit stop is gone, along with her trust and respect for you.

Never fear! Here’s some surefire tips to keep you on Route Monogamy when your sex drive starts to swerve.

  • Communicate with her if she doesn’t know your sex drive. It’s important to get someone that can drain your gas tank whenever you need to go for a drive if you know what I mean.
  • When in doubt, jerk one out. Of course this trick only applies in private settings. So if you can’t get to your gf/wife/partner before entering or after exiting temptation areas (bars, clubs, sundress season, etc.), put Palmela and her 5 friends to work! Takes the edge off.
  • Watch less porn. It’ll keep your primary sexual focus on your partner instead of the multitude of women types (size,shape,race,etc.) and imaginery situations that are easily accessed in porn. Make her the one you fantasize about the most.
  • Avoid large temptation zones or limit your time in them. Use the time to focus on yourself. Exercise. Read. Beat it. Whatever.
  • Send all sexual energy towards your partner! If you’re feeling horny, let her know. You’ll never know the appreciation of you wanting her and only her all day until she gets you in her grasp!
  • No social media flirting! That’s tomorrow’s topic though so wait for it.

Those are just a few pointers to keep you in control, hombres. As I said, I haven’t had much luck in the past without applying these and when I did have the control, the woman didn’t and that’s a whole other weeks worth of material.

Fight back! Don’t let your sex drive, drive you!

Male Social Pressure Angst

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Let’s jump into it.

Guys experience social pressure like you can’t believe. While most girls are raised to find that one lucky guy to be the groom, boys are quite the opposite.

We are groomed to play the field from the jump, leaving us at a disadvantage in the relationship thing. From our TV heroes that have multiple women to those around us that practice the same lifestyle that encourage us to do the same. They all seemed to have accepted the double standard that separate our genders.

Society gave men the ok to be with multiple partners, whether if it’s open knowledge or held in secret. The trick is that we as men have gotten so use to this being the norm, that psychologically we are ok with cheating. Stacking more false pretenses on an already rocky social issue, bound to collapse.

While it’s too late for me and my past ventures, here’s how you break the curse of the player through my eyes.

  • Take accountability for your actions or find someone (mentor, friend, etc.) that will. Letting yourself/them down will be motivation to think with your brain. Not your head.
  • Don’t crack under the pressure of society. Just because your friends, parents, and/or all media outlets made it feel ok to cheat, it’s not. Realizing this is paramount.
  • Increasing the number of gfs you have at one time only feeds your ego. That only benefits self, and no one else. Let go my ego! Avoid this trap. You always get caught no matter what. ALWAYS!
  • If you are interested in someone else, break up. Sure she’ll be heartbroken, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the scorched earth cheating does to the female psyche.

My last and final tip on this matter for the guys: Be sure you are healed after every altercation with love/lust. This is the most vital step of resisting the pressure. Be alone. Find yourself. When you’re ready, get back out there. A heartbroken man can cause other hearts to break almost effortlessly. Mend, lift your chin, and try again!

Tell yourself you will not be at fault again and MEAN it.

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Book Celebration

Let’s get right into it.

It’s National Book Month and I’m happy to be more involved with this than I’ve ever been.

Why you ask!?

Because I’m a published author now and in celebration of this glorious month, you should pick up my metaphysical action/adventure book, UNIVERSING.

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Let’s get right into it.

Through my own series of terrible love affairs, I’ve come up with the most informed insight (from a man’s prospective) on achieving a strong relationship without infidelity or cheating. Topics my exs would laugh at me for covering. I’ve recently dealt the pain and felt the pain and we can all agree that it’s fucked and no one wins.

Here’s the core issues we’re up against, fellas.

  • Social Pressures
  • The Embedded Male Libido
  • Lusting (Online/Offline)
  • Confidence Misplacement

I’ll be covering each of these topics in detail as the week progresses. Ladies, stick around and see what the average male faces every day. Men, use my experience to put preventive measures in place to counteract yourself before you go off the rails.

Tune in tomorrow for more! Told you all, I’m coming with the heat from here on out.

Heed my warnings and save yourself

An ALL NEW Rampage begins

A new day is on the horizon here at Writeofmight and it’s long over due to say the least. Things will be changing over the course of the next few days and I’m ultra excited about it.

I’ll be tackling a lot of our everyday life issues with topics covering everything from passed mistakes we all can relate with to the importance of individuality and the urge to break away from the mainstream social gimmicks of our generation.

Not to mention blog layout updates, more advanced writing techniques I’ve picked up, and my book promotion campaign that will lead into my next book completion!

I’m bringing so much heat your way that you won’t bother to go sweater shopping this year. I’m talking posts so hot that you’ll save on your utility bill! Don’t just take my word for it though. Keep your eyes peeled and get in on this new age page, blog damn it!

(🤣 I promise not to be so corny next time 🤣)

My last decent summer photo


I Am More

I will no longer waste time or energy on trivial affairs. I will strive to make a difference in myself, my community, and for my people. I will be an example of strength to my offspring. I will eliminate hate. I will feel fear and accept the courage it takes to overcome it. I will be who I am here to be. I will fight for what I believe in. I will accomplish my goals and conquer my vision.


One day, you will be sitting in a restaurant, waiting for the waiter to return and take your order. While you wait, you will be looking out of the window as the snow begins to fall, but the forecast said nothing of it. Fortunately, you don’t mind. You’ve learned to appreciate a slight deviation of the expected. Once the waiter returns, he will ask you if you are ready to order with a courtesy smile. You will say, “Aren’t you glad that’s all behind us?”

I hope it will be for our sakes..