Christmas Goings

Tis the season to write and celebrate life! Let’s get right to it.

Holiday time is among us. We’re almost out of 2020, but we have to survive Christmas. While the heart of this holiday is suppose to be in celebration of Jesus, we have somehow managed to get further away from that as a people.

I’m not trying to be a downer, but I just want to turn your attention to what’s happened to our society by touching on the following bullets:

  • The urge to spend.
  • Woke to see the change.
  • Memories VS Reality.
  • Religiousness/ Conclusion.

I promise to make each topic quick, painless, informative, and fun. Come check it out and see for yourself and thanks in advance.

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Friday Night Ensight

And with this post I close out my short week. Hopefully, I was able to enlighten those of you that read it. Notice how the theme of this week were the days of the week. Keep all the info I shared with you handy for the upcoming weeks and let your life evolve to something wonderful for you.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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Thursday and the breath of life.

Be aware of who and what you are at all times. The influences around us have a way of shielding us from who we truly are. It’s human nature to want to blend in with the rest of society, but be you.


The reason it’s important to keep yourself you may ask? You’re probably more expose to evil than good. You don’t need any negative energy creating an altered you that doesn’t care for society or even causes you to react, displaying that very energy one used against you.

Breathe. Disregard. Move Forward.

If you never hold on to dark, negative energy, you’ll see how much lighter your life becomes (pun intended).

The power of controlling yourself despite your surroundings will bring peace.

Eyes Open on WEDNESDAY

Changing the paradigm is never easy. It’s not something that you just decided to do in one instance typically. A series of events take place that may seem commonly triggered, but in actuality, it’s one big sign to change routes.

Jump ship. Switch the flip.

The key is recognizing these signs. They happen so often, that we mistake them for coincidences and in some cases they are. However, when combined with other coincidences, you can clearly see a new direction.

We are creatures of habit and tend to turn off our own senses on this matter because of it.

My advice to you is always welcome change for that’s what it takes for a caterpillar to become the butterfly. Be gold, friends. Be gold.

With new challenges comes new rewards. Welcome that shit in your life to be better!

Revival on a Tuesday

After a month of real life issues and events, I have returned to the blogger realm. I have some things to catch you all up on before going into this weeks topics.

While I didn’t have time to promote my book or write last month due to learning a new skill with a new K9 companion, I’ve had quite the experiences. Here’s a quick list of the changes.

  • New Full Time job and shift.
  • Conquered old task and objectives.
  • New challenges and adversities arise.
  • Still the same determination and drive!

I apologize for the month long absence. Thank you to those who stick it out with me. With that being said, theirs only one thing left to say to you all.

I’m Back!

The kitchen is made for cooking and daydreaming!


Happy Halloween!

I’ll be brief and won’t take up too much of your party time or trick or treating (wear a mask under your mask to prevent Covid please).

Here are some Halloween Vibes from me to you below.

Fun never ends!
Oooo spooky
2 Avengers Assemble!

And that’s it! I’ll be spending the rest of my night with the kiddos and Nano prepping. What’s Nano you say? I’ll leave you with a hint and save the rest for next post (I think most of us here know exactly what it is, but for those who don’t, prepare to learn). The hint is that it starts Nov 1.

Happy Halloween, folks and stay safe!

Growing Into Penmanship

Surprise! Another post!

Once upon a time, their was a little me in the 3rd grade that couldn’t draw, but he enjoyed a good story. So he started writing his own…kinda..

I started writing one page stories that were extensions of the video games I played. I started with ToeJam and Earl (kudos if you know them).

Fast forward years later and the Nintendo 64 arrived and I had a new story to add on to. The picture below is all I preserved from my childhood writing days. I don’t own the rights to the characters, but that didn’t stop me! No way Nintendo was fast enough to catch me!

Homemade title page and all!

Fast forward a “few years” later and I got my first book published. I never gave up on the dream and I encourage you all to do the same.

Decades later and I’m a published author with whiskey and everything! Get it here.

Amazon is trying to kick me out! Help!

Didn’t make an intro for this week’s posts topic so I’m winging it until I get 5 done.

We’ll start again Monday with a hot topic.

For now, I got some goodies for you guys. First up, I got a email from Amazon saying I need to use my affiliates or lose them so I would like to use them, but I need your help, pumpkineers.

I’m going to leave some links below that I get a few pennies from if you use it. The links are amazon products I use or wear, but you don’t have to necessarily buy these items for this to work.

Simply use the link to access Amazon and you’ll be supporting this awesome blogger whom you love so much with whatever you purchase. Here are the links below.

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Thanks for reading. Thanks for sticking by me. And thanks for your incredible support. I love you all and I’ll see you next post!

Here’s me and some pumpkins! I’m a pumpkineer, too! It’s like buccaneer, but with pumpkins…Forget it.

I’m late because my fish.. drowned?

One hell of a week just passed, ladies and gentlemen! I got plenty of content to give you, but let’s get you up to speed first.

I know I promised a post everyday and I haven’t delivered. Forgive me. For that, I will work through the weekend to provide extra content of all the joys (mostly sorrows) of my life. Oh. And I don’t have a fish if you were wondering.

This will contain snippets of my reality (“the man behind the pen” I like to call it) and how imperfect I truly am, which isn’t a surprise to many, but I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Might even learn something.


This is how I felt for the last week in song format courtesy of Unlike Pluto. Please listen and read the pinned comment.

The lesson is to not avoid it; feel it, get through it (cry and hold yourself), and do whatever the hell it is you’re meant to do. That’s why I’m writing to you beautiful people today!

More to follow!

Please forgive my tardiness.

Next Gen Dads

The final post of the week. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here’s the start point for you newbies.

Let’s get real about fatherhood, bros (and women that are here. I thank you!). This shit is hard. Some dad’s can’t take the pressure and don’t want anything to do with the upbringing of their offspring for several reasons. It’s not right and not fair to the child.

I know it feels easy to just walk away, especially if you don’t have a connection with them or the mother is making your life a living hell, responding out of a place that doesn’t put the child first. We have to fight through this and endure for them. I started with this and I’m ending with this: THE CHILD DID NOT ASK TO BE HERE. You and the mother “facilitated” that yourselves.

I know for many of us, our fathers weren’t there. It’s up to us to break that trend. Every generation has to be better than the next. Set the stage for generations to come so that this fatherlessness will not be a battle for them to face. They’ll be able to replace that fight with something better. Curing pandemics, ending wars, building Gundams and such.

Show them to pursue their dreams because you have. Live in positivity. Show them love. Be strong. Be awesomeness! Be Papa.Dada. Daddy. Dad.

Give them a fighting chance to achieve more. Make the future bright for them.