Outlasting The Unexpected

Check out the start of this week’s topic by clicking here. Top of the morning/day/evening to yous! Let’s not waste anymore time. Shit happens. No matter how prepared we are to face the troubles of the world, their is always the unexpected. Flat tires, breakups, natural disasters, etc. These things happen and we may feelContinue reading “Outlasting The Unexpected”


Just updating everyone on the status of the paperback for my novel “UNIVERSING” which is still in the works. Kindle Direct Publishing and myself are working hard to get it polished in time for the release. Thank you all for the support! You can always click the link here to pre-order a copy for yourContinue reading “UNIVERSING”

Back from the Dead

Its starting to return. All my thoughts of depression slowly burn. The real me is my only concern. Remember we are just living to learn. Blindsided by the bright. No darkness can survive in my light. I’m slowly returning to my creed. With it the hungar to write I must feed. With every heartbeat, IContinue reading “Back from the Dead”