The Royal Approach

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope everyone is resting up and taking advantage of all their free time. Remember how powerful you are no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Here are some words to keep you going! We are all Queens and Kings in our own right. Go against all of your innerContinue reading “The Royal Approach”

Brighten Your Day

Rise and shine everyone! I hope your mornings are going great. Here’s a little orignal poem to help everyone get today’s problems and issues out of the way.  To begin again is the new challenge. Conquer all that we can, regardless of our damage. Put your dreams first because that’s our destiny. Surpass expectations, openContinue reading “Brighten Your Day”

The universe is waiting

Let’s face it. Life is hard. We go day to day with our minds under attack. Sure, their are things in what we read and watch that can have a negative impact on our thoughts, but the aggressor is a lot closer than we think…Within ourselves. With the new year upon us, we have toContinue reading “The universe is waiting”