Power Over Lust

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Even when we have the prettiest girl on the block hanging on our arm, something whispers for us to checkout the lady across the street. We try not to feed into it, but the demand happens so fast that it becomes our natural reflex to comply (Don’t try it!)

Or that one hottie on Facebook/Instagram that you friended and she decides to post her morning yoga workout photos and something says you should compliment her, but in her DMs so your gf won’t see (it’s a trap, I tell you!).

Lust. Lust is that nasty little something that nudges you to do these heinous acts.

While it’s typically harmless to look at another attractive woman (or sneak a peek depending on how your woman views this action), this type of behavior has to be controlled. If left unchecked, kemosabes, it can run amuck on your relationship and lead to cheating. Lust is damn near impossible to eradicate, but their is one single measure to take in every situation it arises.

Trick is to acknowledge it’s there, but never act on it outside of your relationship. A wave at the lovely neighbor is plenty. Scroll and glance at the yoga girl post and scroll passed it. Actually, unfriending unknown attractions is the way to go (Believe me)!

Self control is the name of the game. Use it to redirect all of it towards your gf/wife. This is why lust needs to be acknowledged, but not acted on unless with her. We all are sexual creatures. Lust as you will.

Just save it for that special lady of your’s!

Acknowledge, but never Act unless directed at your lady!


  1. I love this! At some stage I was dating a guy and I had an addiction to shoes. Everyday I would buy a pair.

    One day I got home with a new pair and he asked me why did I buy another pair, since I have so many pairs of shoes. I told him that I didn’t have that particular pair.

    He told me ‘ No matter how much you love shoes, you just cannot have them all.’ That was a breakthrough statement to me.

    That’s how I always advice men: you will always meet pretty women. Intelligent women. Awesome women. Whatever. However, you need to be content with what you have. You just can’t have them all. Accept that.

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    1. Solid advice! Thanks for sharing. What you said is so true. Can’t have them all and that is definitely a piece of advice every guy should hold on to 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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