Career Emancipation

No time to waste. Let’s get back to it!

Nowadays it seems like all we do is the same ole shuffle. Wake up. Work. Sleep and repeat. It’s easy to keep the routine going when the bills need paying. You start to blend in with society and think “This is what life is for us.”

Its not though. We all deserve more than 2 weeks of vacation and $50,000 a year salary (if you’re lucky to get that much). We gotta break out of the molding here and shake things up for ourselves and our families.

Good news is that you you can change it at anytime of your life!

Plenty of ways to get the freedom we deserve instead of being tied down to the same mundane schedule. We have to make our own way, but it’s not easy. Takes determination, fortitude, and courage.

A few suggestions to jumpstart your entrepreneur brainstorm.

  • What are you naturally talented at with the least amount of effort and can you make it profitable? Everyone is looking for something. Your talents can be that something!
  • We all have dreams/goals we think about or gave up on. Time to revisit that area of your life and introduce new habits and thought processes to your day.
  • Risk will need to be taken to escape the 9-5. It may take money and/or time, but it’s worth the learning and the outcome.

I’m still working this portion out of my life, but I’m done being afraid of change. We all have a marvelous part to play in our ever growing society, but it’s up to YOU to wake up and find it. Thanks for reading.

You deserve the time to live your own life by your schedule and not there’s!

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  1. Good points and very motivating, Anthony! The perfect moment will never come to tell us to start something. We need to create that moment and make ourselves ready! There are only those limits we set ourselves!


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