Fighting the Libido

If you’re just joining us, check out the start of this week’s topic HERE, first.

Let’s get right to it.

Men are typically horn dogs. Their is no getting around it. Can you blame us? We’re wired to think about sex all day long. Something in our genetic code created the urge to hunch..I mean hunt for sex partners. Much like the lion that chases the gazelle; it’s embedded in our DNA.

So most men have high sex drives which again is no secret. Another common reason that leads us to cheat.

The trick is driving your sex and not letting it drive you down Cheaters Lane which, from my experience, is a dead end. Sure, you could make a U turn and get back on Faithful Road, but that time you made to make that pit stop is gone, along with her trust and respect for you.

Never fear! Here’s some surefire tips to keep you on Route Monogamy when your sex drive starts to swerve.

  • Communicate with her if she doesn’t know your sex drive. It’s important to get someone that can drain your gas tank whenever you need to go for a drive if you know what I mean.
  • When in doubt, jerk one out. Of course this trick only applies in private settings. So if you can’t get to your gf/wife/partner before entering or after exiting temptation areas (bars, clubs, sundress season, etc.), put Palmela and her 5 friends to work! Takes the edge off.
  • Watch less porn. It’ll keep your primary sexual focus on your partner instead of the multitude of women types (size,shape,race,etc.) and imaginery situations that are easily accessed in porn. Make her the one you fantasize about the most.
  • Avoid large temptation zones or limit your time in them. Use the time to focus on yourself. Exercise. Read. Beat it. Whatever.
  • Send all sexual energy towards your partner! If you’re feeling horny, let her know. You’ll never know the appreciation of you wanting her and only her all day until she gets you in her grasp!
  • No social media flirting! That’s tomorrow’s topic though so wait for it.

Those are just a few pointers to keep you in control, hombres. As I said, I haven’t had much luck in the past without applying these and when I did have the control, the woman didn’t and that’s a whole other weeks worth of material.

Fight back! Don’t let your sex drive, drive you!

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