Male Social Pressure Angst

If you’re just joining me, check out my previous post introducing the matter at hand HERE.

Let’s jump into it.

Guys experience social pressure like you can’t believe. While most girls are raised to find that one lucky guy to be the groom, boys are quite the opposite.

We are groomed to play the field from the jump, leaving us at a disadvantage in the relationship thing. From our TV heroes that have multiple women to those around us that practice the same lifestyle that encourage us to do the same. They all seemed to have accepted the double standard that separate our genders.

Society gave men the ok to be with multiple partners, whether if it’s open knowledge or held in secret. The trick is that we as men have gotten so use to this being the norm, that psychologically we are ok with cheating. Stacking more false pretenses on an already rocky social issue, bound to collapse.

While it’s too late for me and my past ventures, here’s how you break the curse of the player through my eyes.

  • Take accountability for your actions or find someone (mentor, friend, etc.) that will. Letting yourself/them down will be motivation to think with your brain. Not your head.
  • Don’t crack under the pressure of society. Just because your friends, parents, and/or all media outlets made it feel ok to cheat, it’s not. Realizing this is paramount.
  • Increasing the number of gfs you have at one time only feeds your ego. That only benefits self, and no one else. Let go my ego! Avoid this trap. You always get caught no matter what. ALWAYS!
  • If you are interested in someone else, break up. Sure she’ll be heartbroken, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the scorched earth cheating does to the female psyche.

My last and final tip on this matter for the guys: Be sure you are healed after every altercation with love/lust. This is the most vital step of resisting the pressure. Be alone. Find yourself. When you’re ready, get back out there. A heartbroken man can cause other hearts to break almost effortlessly. Mend, lift your chin, and try again!

Tell yourself you will not be at fault again and MEAN it.

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    1. I’m speaking from my experiences. I regret not healing properly when I was hurt. I ended up passing that hurt on to others through my own actions. Hopefully I can prevent someone else from doing the same. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’ve never thought about it like that before. I’ve never cheated, but apart from my most recent relationship, I have been cheated on in every single relationship. You are onto something, about women and men being raised differently, relationship wise.

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