Hey everyone! Got something I’m excited to introduce to some and reintroduce to many. My debut novel UNIVERSING is available on Amazon with a new, low pricing. You can click here to get to it and check it out for yourselves! Here’s a quick, (QUICK)! rundown of the book. A black man is forced intoContinue reading “COME ONE COME ALL”

Book Celebration

Let’s get right into it. It’s National Book Month and I’m happy to be more involved with this than I’ve ever been. Why you ask!? Because I’m a published author now and in celebration of this glorious month, you should pick up my metaphysical action/adventure book, UNIVERSING. Not only is it a great read, butContinue reading “Book Celebration”

PREORDER MY DEBUT NOVEL wait is almost over. After years of long nights and earlier mornings, with just an hour or so of writing time every few days. My debut novel UNIVERSING can be preordered here! The paperback will be available soon as well. Thank you all for following me and supporting me. You’ve been amazing and I’mContinue reading “PREORDER MY DEBUT NOVEL”

Nice guys don’t finish at all!

“Nice guys finish last” You know, I never thought about this saying until recently. I’m sad that it took me this long to realize the truth in such a statement. I mean really think about it. This saying has been around longer than I’ve been alive. I’m not sure of when this saying became aContinue reading “Nice guys don’t finish at all!”