Of course, first loves always end with the inevitable heartbreak. I would say the first one is the worst one, but we all know that’s not exactly true. Especially, the boy from this story.

Now in his pain, he went on to cause more pain until falling in love all over again. Of course in this story, the love did not last and he was left in agony again, but with children to tend to this time.

This is when he truly found love. Self love and empathy. Once he understood himself, he could let go of the pains from love’s passed and live with the love he has for the one he is with today and his children. He learned that each love encounter he had took a piece of him, but also gave him experience to know that no love is identical to the other. That each one deserves a chance.

Because you can never love the same and that this cycle is true for everyone that has ever loved before. So I leave this message For The Loveless:

Leave the hurt in the past. Take it for what the moments were and live in love for yourself. The universe will do the rest.

Don’t give up on love ❤️



  1. I love how you explained by experience that only self-love can lead to true love. As long as we are looking for love in others we are depending on their love and sell our souls. Only when we align with our own love we are independent and also more unconditional in loving others.

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  2. So true my man, never give up on love, always have an open heart. A heart must be broken before it can be opened. A lesson learned is a lesson earned and I like the lesson you noted with what you got from each one, you get something good out of every situation.

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