The deep end

I’m still on course. Nothing has changed. Been working on self mastery and dedicating my interest to the challenges of overcoming myself. Not just mentally, but spiritually as well.

I’ve removed myself from most of the distractions. I need work in the area of temperance and I always, ALWAYS, need more work on my craft. By now you know what I love to do and if not, I’ll leave you with this one word: Write.

I’m still changing the imagery here. Writeofmight has been great to me, but I’ve evolved over the course of 6 years and I want all my work to reflect that. I’ll have a new approach soon and I hope you all like it.

Now I’ll leave you with encouragement and strength. Not because I’m giving it to you, but because you have so much of both for yourself. Take the time to activate it. Figure your being out and go on the offense. Live your life like you mean it!

Decide what you want in life and never settle for anything else. No plan B

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