Blue + Yellow

Happy March 1st! It’s the start of a new month with plenty of opportunity this month to accept the challenges of life. That means we’ll either fuck it up or get it right. Just know that it’s progress and growth nonetheless!

This week we’re going to touch on (seeing how March brings the green out) money and how to make it unconventionally. I’ll do a quick rundown on the subject matters on the day to day.

  • Planting money seeds in stocks to grow money trees
  • Entrepreneurship your way out of the herd
  • Lifestyle changes that help cut costs
  • Fearlessly pursue your happy

I’m not saying I’m a money expert, but I’m excited about sharing what I’ve learned in the most relatable way possible. Join in on the fun!

Happy to be back and doing what I love! Don’t forget to get UNIVERSING!


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