Self Update is ready for Download

You look around you now and see that things are cloudy. Attitudes are high. Dangers lurk in broad daylight. The world has become a harbor of desperation and wrong doings. Our impatience and disobedience leads to more sickness. Social media makes it look like we’re in control, but it’s still media driven used to spread an agenda. You look around you now and all looks grim.

If you dare to look inside now, you’ll see uninhabited light. A part of you that empathizes with all the traumatized. The one in the mirror is the only person’s status you need to keep up with. When you update it,be sure that you’re updating. Once you focused on you and who you are, you can treed through the murk. Grab the first person next to you and inspire them to do the same.

One day, you’ll look around you and all will be helping one another instead of killing each other.

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  1. Also if you want to do a guest post for my blog, e.g. your spiritual journey, life philosophy, writing process, whatever you want, and promote your book, you would be welcome. You can use the contact box on my site to email me.

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