Fallout Dreams

The day will come when it all collapses upon itself. An empire crumbles. A ravaged world is left standing. Most will be lost without tweets and super markets. Some will get by on toiletries and canned goods. The initiated will be one with the land and the sun. And we will be together till theContinue reading “Fallout Dreams”

And then their was Life

We all move through our lives, trying to figure out the right answers to the choices we make. I don’t think their are wrong are right answers to life. We are simply guiding ourselves through the cosmos and dealing with the problems and pains of the path we take. Healing from the ones we lost.Continue reading “And then their was Life”

Know This And Take it

I’m not perfect. Nothing about me makes sense. The moment I open my eyes, I fight anxiety. I make living with PTSD look easy. Pain of the past lives under scarred tissue that your eyes will never see. Crying helps sometimes, but it’s the emptiness that sticks. Will you love me, anyway? Maybe, give myContinue reading “Know This And Take it”

Live in the Free

Nothing appears as they seem. See everything for what they are bursting through the seams. You don’t have to settle for the standards of normality. The time is now to shift the fabrics of your reality. Drop the weight of the world and let go of other’s judgement. Emerge the person you are with nothing,Continue reading “Live in the Free”