Out of The Shade

You’ve deny me much. I’ve been in your shadow long enough. This is not where I belong. The strength inside can no longer hold off it’s true intentions. Devasting maneuvers must be made to knock down this wall. To destroy what I almost became. I will be free. No longer a prisoner of self doubtContinue reading “Out of The Shade”

Writing out Loud (be better)

And you know it’s only a matter of time. You’re powerless as you watch it all unwind. Life takes you down unpaved roads. Playing all the hard games with no cheat codes. Making you feel like you’ve reached your limit. Rise above to win it. Put all your rules together and bend it. Evict theContinue reading “Writing out Loud (be better)”

Writing out loud (fight it)

No more sitting in the cuffs. Running trough trouble and ignoring all bluffs. It won’t be easy, being on the offensive. My drive is limitless as I become more intensive. Nothing can stop me no matter what. Greatness in me runs deeper than any cut. Today, I promise to remain consistent. Focus, hard work, andContinue reading “Writing out loud (fight it)”