Thursday and the breath of life.

Be aware of who and what you are at all times. The influences around us have a way of shielding us from who we truly are. It’s human nature to want to blend in with the rest of society, but be you.


The reason it’s important to keep yourself you may ask? You’re probably more expose to evil than good. You don’t need any negative energy creating an altered you that doesn’t care for society or even causes you to react, displaying that very energy one used against you.

Breathe. Disregard. Move Forward.

If you never hold on to dark, negative energy, you’ll see how much lighter your life becomes (pun intended).

The power of controlling yourself despite your surroundings will bring peace.


  1. Indeed, we are surrounded by so many different energies. Many are very negative. It is in the art to only accept what we want to accept. This is something many only have to learn that they are able to detach from all that feels destructive. Great inspiration, Anthony!


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