The new year has started and its already getting crazy. Recent events that are charged by anger and chaos take the main stage while your own surroundings give you plenty of reasons to remain distracted.

TikToks and Facebook posts that keep you engaged, leaving the real purpose of the present held hostage. Covid still running amuck along with the “Will you take the vaccine or not?”.

And then there is You, stuck in the shadow of 2020. Revering what may happen in these upcoming months of 2021.

My advice to you is stay the course, ladies and gentlemen. Remember you’re more than a “Like” or comment. You have a purpose and set goals for yourself. Climb to new heights this year regardless of all of said distractions.

I believe in you and so should you! Vibes!

Reading Obama’s book, The Promised Land to learn how to overcome all the odds.

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