Look What’ve Done

Sometimes we miss out on our progress due to the fact of our sheer effort to keep pushing forward. Don’t know what I mean? Here. I’ll treat you to an example!

This time last year, I was working a dead-end job, living in a place where I heard gunshots on a regular basis, and dreaming about reaching my life long goal of publishing a book. Not to mention my relationship status was one that left emotional damages to all those involved.

Fast forward to the present day and every single one of those factors have changed for the better. Through the grace of the universe and the Most High, I was able to will my reality for the better. I have a higher paying day job, going around selling my novel to local bookstores through Ingram, moved out the hood, and made amends with love.

The grind towards the vision will continue to progress as I will it so. Truth is, my girlfriend brought the climb to this point to my attention today. So take time to realize your own accomplishments, but also don’t get comfortable with them.

I wish you all more peace and more success. Times can be hard, but your resolve is harder. Believe in yourself and keep it moving.

Admire your own hard work and continue to do what’s necessary to accomplish your goals


  1. That’s an important view you are showing here, Anthony. No matter, how life may be now, it is only temporary. But yes, we need to be willing to move on, to change something for the better, and then it will change. Because what we send out will return and the better it gets, the better it gets. You are a great example of that!

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