Nice guys don’t finish at all!

“Nice guys finish last”

You know, I never thought about this saying until recently. I’m sad that it took me this long to realize the truth in such a statement. I mean really think about it. This saying has been around longer than I’ve been alive. I’m not sure of when this saying became a thing, but why would it live through the ages? It doesn’t rhyme. It’s not funny or catchy. The reality of the matter is that enough nice guys have finished last enough to keep this very saying alive.

So, I write this, being one of those nice guys that use to believe that untamed kindness will keep karma on your good side. I’m here to tell you that the angle on being a nice guy, leaves much to be desired.

In light of recent heartbreaks and lost friends, I can say that I was indeed finishing last. The kindness I gave out was taken, but not reciprocated. That is why the nice guy finishes last. We’re so busy being nice that we never notice the other party takes advantage of it,but let me tell you…

I have been inconvenienced for someone else’s gain for the last time. I will never be the one to be taken advantage of. I’m not saying I won’t be a nice person, but I am saying the universe has taught me a valuable lesson finally. Don’t bend over backwards for people that won’t even stand for you.

No more Mr. Nice guy.


  1. When I read your post I think of a saying of Ernest Hemingway. He said: “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them”. With that said… if the other one is not to trust. You may feel like your standing last, but standing last for a while is ok, because you are the one standing intact with dignity and honor. You kept your values and word and you kept your part of the deal. Honor has no timeline. It´s timeless. It´s strenght.

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  2. You are* I’m just tired 😅 and I posted before I was done stating my comment. The nice guy may feel like the loser at first, but karma does catch up to the other person eventually. Usually by then, you have moved on and don’t really care of the outcome for said person.


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