Just updating everyone on the status of the paperback for my novel “UNIVERSING” which is still in the works. Kindle Direct Publishing and myself are working hard to get it polished in time for the release. Thank you all for the support! You can always click the link here to pre-order a copy for yourContinue reading “UNIVERSING”

For the Individuals

My thoughts in mystery, but they can’t deceive me. Put nothing higher than awareness of thee. Meanwhile, others move within their deception. My distrust can’t allow this infection. It doesn’t matter who takes the stand in this political climate. I’ll get this done anyway. It’s my God’s Assignment. A task ordained for my self completion.Continue reading “For the Individuals”


Stop. The thoughts are unbelievable Notions that are inconceivable Death fits for it is ever nimble. Try to make it stop. Casting shadows in every crevice Spirits speak that were Methodist. Sorrows lined in excellence. Hope you can stop it. Wash away my sinful remorse. Let the holy blood run its course. Born a new,Continue reading “S🛑T🛑O🛑P”

Dream Open Eyed

It’s late, yet I lie with eyes open. I’m awake, you’re probably asleep, but somehow you’re still running. I’ve trapped you in my dungeon of thoughts where only we live.Your emancipation comes at a price that you will never give. For a heart belonging to someone else is hard to attain. Even in my twistedContinue reading “Dream Open Eyed”