Nice guys don’t finish at all!

“Nice guys finish last” You know, I never thought about this saying until recently. I’m sad that it took me this long to realize the truth in such a statement. I mean really think about it. This saying has been around longer than I’ve been alive. I’m not sure of when this saying became aContinue reading “Nice guys don’t finish at all!”

Good Vibe/Take a Read

Life’s changing and that’s a good thing. Just listen to the universe sing. Overhead, in the sky, the stars start to align. Let history be just that and don’t waste anymore time. Honestly, our lives are full of many stops and gos. The path ahead is foggy and I’ve learned that anything goes. It’s beyondContinue reading “Good Vibe/Take a Read”

Writing out loud (Loveless)

Then one day it all comes apart. You’re chest is filled with loose change in place of your heart. Is it true what they say about nothing last forever? Or is just a coincidence that the universe thinks is clever? Not sure if I want to be in another’s sights anymore. I’ll be a hardContinue reading “Writing out loud (Loveless)”