Not easy being a Role Model

The end of this week is nigh and so is the topic for the week. Start here and catch up.

Let’s take a swing at this thing.

We all had role models growing up and our children will be no different. The difference is that times have changed, ladies and gentlemen. As fathers, we have to be present and set the example for who we want our sons to be and our daughters to date (I know thinking about her dating made you cringe).

I have learned quite a bit about several things while my boys are young so I won’t be prone to make the mistakes later when they become more impressionable. Here are a few quick tricks and tips to apply.

  • Monitor what they are watching.
  • Put down the phone and pick up a book.
  • Set the bar high by being a better you.

Their are influences around them daily. You have to let their little minds explore and see things, but be there to let them know what is good and what is bad. What’s acceptable and what they should avoid. They may be crazy about Batman now, but you’ll be a hero to them for years to come.

My sons and their Grandad. He was a pillar for my growth and also for them as time sees fit.

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