They Are Number 1

Two post for the price of one today because I owe you. Father of all topics start here (pun intended).

Let’s get on with it.

The number 1 rule to keep in your mind at all times is that your sons and daughters come first. They didn’t ask to be in this crude, twisted, yet sometimes livable world of ours when you gave them life. Once born, they are defenseless and while mothers are as strong as they come, fathers are vital, too.

Learning to sacrifice important things throughout the infancy prepares you for the long road of fatherhood. One example of this is sacrificing sleep the first few months to make sure they feel love and protected.

Moments like those set the stage moving forward in their lives and in ours.

Being able to be selfless and create an unconditional love from birth is the best thing for a dad to do.

Most mothers develop this throughout the pregnancy. It’s up to us as fathers to create that bond ourselves. Once the bond is established, making them the priority becomes natural. Thanks for reading.

Create the bond and your actions for them become natural afterwards.


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