Happy Halloween! I’ll be brief and won’t take up too much of your party time or trick or treating (wear a mask under your mask to prevent Covid please). Here are some Halloween Vibes from me to you below. And that’s it! I’ll be spending the rest of my night with the kiddos and NanoContinue reading “HALL OF WEEN VIBES”

Amazon is trying to kick me out! Help!

Didn’t make an intro for this week’s posts topic so I’m winging it until I get 5 done. We’ll start again Monday with a hot topic. For now, I got some goodies for you guys. First up, I got a email from Amazon saying I need to use my affiliates or lose them so IContinue reading “Amazon is trying to kick me out! Help!”

🎃 Halloween Hall 🎃

Listen closely and you may hear a bone shatter. You’ll have to ignore all the phatom chatter. Where goblins take flesh and mix it with their batter. Try to blend in and make your clothes tattered. Or the zombies will eat what you call “Important matter”. Welcome to the Halloween Hall were monsters feet peterContinue reading “🎃 Halloween Hall 🎃”