The Millennial Dad

Better late than never. Let’s get to it.

Let me just say; being a mom is difficult from what I can tell. Especially depending on your situation. Some moms are left to do it all themselves and raising a child is one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever face in life. I’m thankful to all of you that stick to your responsibilities as a mother. Keep doing what you’re doing and may abundance of all you desire come to you aplenty.

This week though, we’re going to focus on the single dads. I, myself, am one of them. I’m one of those…don’t want to miss a moment, hands on, let me show you how to box (err..wrap a box I mean), kinda of dad.

Here’s where the dilemma lies, folks. My dad was the traditional father that worked constantly/provided and left all the raising to my mother. I turned out nicely, but being a single father means I have to fill both shoes.

So the talking points are as follows:

  • Nurturing and discipline the dad way
  • Making your offspring your #1 concern
  • Positive role model reenforcement
  • The truth about fatherhood. Real talk.

This is one topic you won’t want to miss! I’ll see you tomorrow with the first discussion.

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  1. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Don’t know there’s all this pressure to be perfect parents. It’s in the flaws, mistakes and moments of being human I connected most to my folks growing up. Throw the books away 🙂

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    1. Hmm…I think you make a valid point here. It’s important to have a life being raised with some character for sure instead of having cookie cutter set of parents 😅 I don’t know though. I feel my generation makes for strange parents, but maybe all generations feel like this.

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