Next Gen Dads

The final post of the week. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Here’s the start point for you newbies.

Let’s get real about fatherhood, bros (and women that are here. I thank you!). This shit is hard. Some dad’s can’t take the pressure and don’t want anything to do with the upbringing of their offspring for several reasons. It’s not right and not fair to the child.

I know it feels easy to just walk away, especially if you don’t have a connection with them or the mother is making your life a living hell, responding out of a place that doesn’t put the child first. We have to fight through this and endure for them. I started with this and I’m ending with this: THE CHILD DID NOT ASK TO BE HERE. You and the mother “facilitated” that yourselves.

I know for many of us, our fathers weren’t there. It’s up to us to break that trend. Every generation has to be better than the next. Set the stage for generations to come so that this fatherlessness will not be a battle for them to face. They’ll be able to replace that fight with something better. Curing pandemics, ending wars, building Gundams and such.

Show them to pursue their dreams because you have. Live in positivity. Show them love. Be strong. Be awesomeness! Be Papa.Dada. Daddy. Dad.

Give them a fighting chance to achieve more. Make the future bright for them.


  1. It is definitely not an easy situation and for sure one that holds so much potential on lessons for the adults. But as you said, whatever happened (to me) in the past is no excuse for continuing to treat others like I was treated. Neither can I blame others for where I am and how I treat others. As adults, we need to take responsibility and not play a power game not he back to the weakest parts.
    Your boys are gorgeous, Anthony!

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    1. Thank you for reading, Erika. Hopefully, we understand that once we are adults and away from any stigma of bad patenting, that we no longer have to be victims of it and can create the life we want for us and our families. Thanks for the compliment to my boys as well! Hope your family is doing great!

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      1. I couldn’t agree more, Anthony! It was a long way for me to even recognize and look behind the stigma and then again to start the journey to get behind it. I realized it when I saw myself repeating the pattern I experienced. My children definitely taught me to become a better person!
        Yes, we are doing wonderful, thank you! Stay healthy, Anthony!

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