Letting Go of Contempt

You’ll get two post for the price of one today! My Friday sucked so I’m behind.

Let’s close last week topic out with this post. Check out the beginning of it here.

It’s so easy to give into the mild habits and mediocracy of the day to day. The feeling of compliancy taking over what’s left of what you imagine your future could be. It’s something we all deal with. Sad to say, most people don’t realize what they’re doing and go on to live their lives in contempt because our parents/authority figures did just that.

Snap out of it! You are not your parents!

You are yourself. A whole other human full of dreams, aspirations, endless potential and spirit. Times have changed since we were kids. While I’m not knocking the generations before us and how they got things done, we have so many more opportunities to think outside the norm for what we want for ourselves.

We have to capitalize on the internet and technology age we’re living in.

Shake off the influence of normality we were brought up under. Dig through the depths of your mind and retrieve your imagination again to create the life you want to live by seeing it first. If you’re unhappy with your situation, know that you are more than capable of changing it.

We all have hard times and are stressed beyond what we think we can handle. Truth is that nothing worth having is easy. So while we may seem to be under pressure most our lives, it’s what it takes to know what happiness is and how to obtain to it.

The key is to never quit seeking out your happy place.


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