Hey, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and got some rest along with taking in a few vices. Most importantly, I hope you all put in some time to your goals. Its a new week and its time to get your dreams accomplished. Imagine yourself with the goal at hand completed with the desireContinue reading “IGNITE YOURSELF”

Brighten Your Day

Rise and shine everyone! I hope your mornings are going great. Here’s a little orignal poem to help everyone get today’s problems and issues out of the way.  To begin again is the new challenge. Conquer all that we can, regardless of our damage. Put your dreams first because that’s our destiny. Surpass expectations, openContinue reading “Brighten Your Day”

Attacking Your Dream In The New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to the future, everyone. Its time to get serious about what we want to achieve in this calendar year. Forget all the things that held us back in the past and re-energize your motivation to overcome the odds. We have to: Become goal driven Wake up excited to move forward UseContinue reading “Attacking Your Dream In The New Year”

The universe is waiting

Let’s face it. Life is hard. We go day to day with our minds under attack. Sure, their are things in what we read and watch that can have a negative impact on our thoughts, but the aggressor is a lot closer than we think…Within ourselves. With the new year upon us, we have toContinue reading “The universe is waiting”

Cure All Be All

We live amongst so many troubles. Taxes, hunger, murders, have been doubled.Surely we’ll crumble if we stay on this route. Anger and hate with hang the corpses all about.Everything the news reports makes it all non-fiction. If mankind doesn’t stop soon, we’ll be our own extinction. Rejoice, we know love is the answer. Use itContinue reading “Cure All Be All”