Art of an Artist

Good morning. Here’s a little poem I wrote to start the day.

Bring your camera because you don’t see this every day. Its a mystery how my gears turn in such a magical way. While others see nothing as they walk through reality. A lot of small things seem to baffle me. Things like a sunrise or leaves blowing in the wind. My mind works in overtime, trying to word the sights in pen. Can a normal person describe the detail in mausoleum ceilings? Maybe, but they lack the power to envoke your feelings. The ones when you close your eyes, you are there to marvel. Putting you right there and leaving you startled.

Embrace all the little things you see in the world. Everything is really more amazing than they seem even though you watch it happen every day. So take time to admire the those little things especially when life gets a little hard. Enjoy your day folks.

Be powerful.


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