For the Loveless Part 1

It was something he never truly had. Crushes he experienced at the height of puberty held moments that he found out later, when he knew what love was, were pockets of the sensation he craved. Just blips on an emotional radar that was there one second and gone just as fast. Nothing sustainable

Until one day…

He found the real thing. He felt the electricity that can super charge every smile he had even on the darkest days. Knowing no matter how life beat him down, he had someone in his corner at the end of each round. That someone to rub his shoulders, tell him how incredible he is and never to give up. He tapped into a power that would carry him through any win or loss. He knew this was his happy ever after.

He would later discover that love stories that are in the romance genre, should be placed upon fantasy shelves.

Where make believe thrives.

The tale will continue until the end of the week. Stay tuned for a segment I like to call “For the loveless”

Let’s take it there and back together


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