Make It Last Forever

Money saving powers: ACTIVATE!

So let’s continue on with this green themed series. You can catch yourself up and start reading at this link, folks.

The true secret to mastering your income is to knowing how not to spend it on needless ventures and such. A quick shift in thinking can lead to long term money thoughts.

I’m talking about becoming a minimalist! You don’t have to do it in every aspect of your life, but apply it enough to make a difference. Just remember that their will always be new things to buy, food to eat, places to go etc. and you can’t have them all.

Not at the moment at least, but we’re taking the steps to reach that. Imagine spending money, knowing that your other money is making that money you spent back for you. That’s the point of this week topic. To make the green of March bleed over into your wallets and purses.

2021 will bring you all good luck and good fortune!

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