I’m late because my fish.. drowned?

One hell of a week just passed, ladies and gentlemen! I got plenty of content to give you, but let’s get you up to speed first.

I know I promised a post everyday and I haven’t delivered. Forgive me. For that, I will work through the weekend to provide extra content of all the joys (mostly sorrows) of my life. Oh. And I don’t have a fish if you were wondering.

This will contain snippets of my reality (“the man behind the pen” I like to call it) and how imperfect I truly am, which isn’t a surprise to many, but I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Might even learn something.


This is how I felt for the last week in song format courtesy of Unlike Pluto. Please listen and read the pinned comment.

The lesson is to not avoid it; feel it, get through it (cry and hold yourself), and do whatever the hell it is you’re meant to do. That’s why I’m writing to you beautiful people today!

More to follow!

Please forgive my tardiness.

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