Under Extreme Pressure

Yesterday was a holiday and now I’m back!

This week, I’ll get into a topic that we all can relate to in this shorter week span. The topic is -Extreme Pressure-

If you’re alive right now, you know that life has us all in a vise grip. Just the simple tasks of the day get harder and harder.

That’s why I’ll tackle a couple topics and what to do to take the load off. Topics like:

  • Working just to live and die
  • The unexpected emergency anamoly
  • Securing happiness over contempt

We all have what it takes to make it to the finish line of this thing, but the amount of regret and comfortability will set us apart from the rest. Stick with me and get some top notch tips to make your strides count!

Eccentric info from my complex experiences; coming right up!


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