Confidence Usage

This is it for the week so right into we go.

Confidence. Women love it when we have it. We know that women love it when we have it because we get a lot of attention from them, single or not. This is where the misplacement occurs, my guys.

While its fine to converse with other women, we cannot use this confidence where it will cause a chip in the foundation of our relationship. The thing to remember is this:

Do not use your confidence to entertain other women on any level at all whether it’s dms, texts, or anything else that falls here.

While getting that phone number or email does boost our confidence, actually communicating with the other woman (no matter how innocent) can cause lust to creep in and you’ll find yourself at square one and with #1: by yourself!

If it ain’t professional, or a girl in the friend zone, keep away for best results.

That ends this week’s discussion. Good Luck and see you, Monday!

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