Let’s get right into it.

Through my own series of terrible love affairs, I’ve come up with the most informed insight (from a man’s prospective) on achieving a strong relationship without infidelity or cheating. Topics my exs would laugh at me for covering. I’ve recently dealt the pain and felt the pain and we can all agree that it’s fucked and no one wins.

Here’s the core issues we’re up against, fellas.

  • Social Pressures
  • The Embedded Male Libido
  • Lusting (Online/Offline)
  • Confidence Misplacement

I’ll be covering each of these topics in detail as the week progresses. Ladies, stick around and see what the average male faces every day. Men, use my experience to put preventive measures in place to counteract yourself before you go off the rails.

Tune in tomorrow for more! Told you all, I’m coming with the heat from here on out.

Heed my warnings and save yourself


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