It’s Another Day

Damn! Monday, again!?

Don’t fret about it, folks. I always see Monday as a new opportunity to make my life the way I want it. Another day to take chances and make choices that can get me fired up. Take pride in Mondays. Make them positive for you. Love it so much that it’s your replacement to Friday (ok, maybe not that much 😋)

Here’s a few points to help you survive a typical week.

  • Mediation (stress reliever)
  • Manage time better (Less Facebook)
  • Make a bowl of veggies for lunch. (Stay healthy)
  • Mold yourself and your image (exercise)
  • Money. Find ways to make more of it (Financial security)

That’s how you master your Mondays. Notice that my list uses Ms. See what I did there!? 😋😌

Enjoy your Monday, everyone and let’s make it a great week!


    1. Yeah. I use to be hyper vegan. Asking if dairy was in everything I ordered in restaurants and all. Now I don’t worry so much about it and eat fish sometimes. I eat all veggies most days though. I like to say I’m a borderline vegan. Once you learn about how they make our food and what have you, it can’t be unlearned, you know?

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      1. I completely know. So you’re what they call a pescatarian. ☺️
        I just have so many good allergies. Gluten from Celiac disease takes literally almost everything premade off of your list of possibilities. And dairy, if I have too much of it, just really upsets my stomach.
        When it comes to any type of meat – I just hate the taste of it! Plus everything that is fed to that animal (or injected into), you are exposed to as well.

        Food in the US is ridiculous. I’ve heard of people having allergies here and traveling over seas, and their allergies are ok over there! So many things are added to everything here. I have to be careful with my skin – certain parabens are added to shampoos and conditioners, lotions, make up, laundry detergents, dryer sheets, hair colors… etc that I have found out the hard way I am allergic to them!🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
        Ridiculous. So I get the most basic things that i can – I know every ingredient, if it’s a strange word, I know what it is and how it’s “made” and what it’s use is in that item…. it’s all a tad stupid. Haha!

        It’s always been a pain.. making my meals. And it’s hard for me to get the energy to. I would rather not eat. (😱😖) I found, on FB, a website that will ship their premade foods to you – frozen. You can pick what type of dietary restrictions you have, and it does not have meat in any of them. (Brady uses them too because they’re DELICIOUS, and he adds meat that he cooks separately). They hide the taste of veggies for any type of veggie hater (aka Brady – going on 30 years now 😂).

        Here’s a link if you wanted to check them out! You would probably love them. With Brady, the biggest part, is that he’s getting (both of us really) nutrients that we don’t have access to here and that are easy to just warm up and go…

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