Hey, everyone. Does anyone remember a show called “Behind the Music”? They use to tell the story of the human within the musician no matter how terrible it was. Do you know of it? 

Well this is a rant that goes behind the words.

I recently adopted a plant-based diet and its been going great for the past 2 days. I saw a special my gf, Aliyah, brought to my attention about meat and decided to try it out. It spoke of how our anatomy isn’t even meant for meat from our teeth and nails to our  digestive system. They say treating your body the way it was meant to be treated pretty much unlocks the full potential. Anyone done this before or want to say anything on the topic, please do so.

Secondly,my adorable son is 8 months as of yesterday. He lights up when I get home from work and I love to see his smile. Aliyah does the same 😍 She’s been a great support for me and all I do. She encourages my blog and write times. She even started coming to the gym with me. She’s the backbone of it all and here’s a very public “Thank you”.

In a world with a President bent on erasing the last 8 years instead of moving foward; a time when kids go play online instead of outside; and cancer is an everday occurrence…Where do we turn for relief?

Here in the blogosphere of course. 

Where incredible people like yourself can help others step away from reality, one sentence at a time. I say that to say thanks to you. Thank you for making the air a little easier to breathe and thanks for reading my work. 

My rant concludes. This is all you get of me for now 😌 I’ll have another session of behind the words soon. For now…

Be powerful.


  1. Whether our teeth are made for meat or vegetables or both… I think everybody needs to decide for themselves what feels good to them. I loved what you wrote about the joy and light your family brings to your life. You sound like the happiest man on the planet and I am so happy for you. With this, you have the most important thing in life and you can overcome everything… even what happened in Washington.

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  2. Your baby is so cute!! Reminds me of the days when mine was younger… Ahhhh… Days go by so fast… Enjoy as much time with your little one… 🙂

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  3. Becoming vegan, if this is what your refering to is a spiritual journey and if you listen to your body it can help transcend you to another stage in our journey. In my experience i became more aware of my chakras, my wants and needs, its also is a mental cleansing exercise for me. Please share your article or documentary you are speaking of.

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    1. The documentary was called “What the Health” and it showed how food and health companies are tied to together with money to help make us sick through meat and dairy. I’ve been looking more into chakras and things as well. How was your surgery? Everything ok?


      1. Pre-op was today. Surgery is friday .Just an old injury that wasnt treated properly and is now getting the attention that is needed. I have watched many documentaries on nutrition most are on Netflix but i have have resources if your interested?

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  4. Food inc…. Food wars… Food fight….these are on Netflix. I believe….i wrote a paper about Food Inc. For a class I took a couple years ago. That documentary was the start to my journey.


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