Hidden Power

Good afternoon! Been busy this morning so I wasn’t able to talk with you all, but here I am! Let us touch on the power we all have inside that some of us may seem to forget from time to time. When we think there is nothing you can do about a certain situation, but we can. We all have the power to not only change, but start a change around us.

You can change your own actions. It takes will power and self-confidence, but it can be achieved and in doing so, can cause a butterfly effect on your future. By that I mean things will happen that were meant to happen, but wouldn’t happen unless YOU cause them. I know that’s quite the mindfuck, but it’s true.
We all play a significant part in the cosmos and believe it or not, we’re all connected by this notion. Your change can potentially inspire others to do the same or put you in environments you would never have been in otherwise.

So stop with the procrastination. Stop the self-pity. Seek out which that you seek. Be who you know you are. Believe in yourself and play your true role in the universe.

Be powerful.


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