Willing A Way

Good morning! I hope the weekend was kind to everyone. I’ve been having some trouble getting as much writing done as I need, but I’ve come up with a better plan of attack to get it done and I’m going to share it with you so maybe it can help you now or in the future. 

The mind is at its strongest in the morning so I decided to start waking up an hour or so before I have to head to work in order to finish my manuscript. Now getting some writing done is paramount for me, but your goal my require something different. Wheter its exercising or knitting, getting an early start on whatever you do will not only help you achieve, but it will always set the tone for the rest of the day. Making you feel more productive and positive as the day goes on as opposed to staying up later trying to work. Your mind may be tired and your body, fatigued by then.

Take from that what you will. I wish you all a great day! 

Extraordinary people are just normal human beings that capatilze on their very own potential. What’s stopping us from doing just that? No excuses. Make time for what you want amd drive forward!

Be powerful.


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