More Love just for You

Hope you all had a happy and love felt Valentine’s Day. If not, its cool. We have much love for you here at my blog of course =) Feel free to dance about. Take in the sights and lessen your doubt. Care to be more in touch with empathy. Open your mind and hear allContinue reading “More Love just for You”


Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Today we’re going to touch on something we all have, but need more of. Something that will get us anywhere we want to go. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about FOCUS. With more focus, you’ll be able achieve things beyond your imagination. We have to learn to channelContinue reading “WHAT WE ALL NEED”

Brighten Your Day

Rise and shine everyone! I hope your mornings are going great. Here’s a little orignal poem to help everyone get today’s problems and issues out of the way.  To begin again is the new challenge. Conquer all that we can, regardless of our damage. Put your dreams first because that’s our destiny. Surpass expectations, openContinue reading “Brighten Your Day”

Cure All Be All

We live amongst so many troubles. Taxes, hunger, murders, have been doubled.Surely we’ll crumble if we stay on this route. Anger and hate with hang the corpses all about.Everything the news reports makes it all non-fiction. If mankind doesn’t stop soon, we’ll be our own extinction. Rejoice, we know love is the answer. Use itContinue reading “Cure All Be All”